Hi girlss, I know I haven't posted anything for a while but I've been really busy lately. I had a lot of projects due and I've been sick as well. :(
Last week we had a long weekend due to some teacher conferences. Me and two of my best friends went to 'Wild Wadi', a waterpark close to the famous Burj al Arab in Dubai.
We had loaaads of fun and after we watched a scary movie at my friends house, who lives pretty close to me. When I walked home I was so scared! Hahaha.
Friday I went with a schoolfriend to some places in my neigbourhood, and I met some new people there (: It was April's Fools Day and we tricked this stupid guy in my grade who lives in 'JBR' as well. We took his shoes while he was swimming and we hid them, hahahahha.
In the night I had a party of my friend who turned 15, again loads of fun! <3
This week I'm in school, 2 days to go 'till it's weekend! I have an urge to go partying, so it's time to call some people and ask them to come with me! :D
I made a deal with my mom; I can go partying the whole weekend if I go swimming at least twice a week. Guess what I did tonight!? Haha :D

Anyways, I'm going to take a rest now since it's 11 already, and tomorrow I have to wake up at 6, because I need to revise some more for my tests Science and Arabic. -I'm going to fail, I know.-

Oh by the waaay, here's a picture of a blazer I want so badly! I took Chiara's (www.theblondesalad.com) because the original picture on www.zara.com looks weird. (':
I might go shopping this weekend, and buy it with my mom!

Goodnight <3


I know you want me like kids want candy, so keep watchin' me go down n' up n' down.


Hi babess, sorry for the low-quality-webcam-pictures, but I couldn't find my (-my parents') camera! 
Anywayss, I loveddd this day! It was so amazingly (is that a word?) funny! At first, these two guys made fun of me and my best friend, so in break we slapped them :') Actually my friend beat one of the guys up, and now he's so scared of her! Haha, I just love it when the 'big' guys are scared of girls :') After, we had this assembly thingy cause it was international languagesday today, so there were some grade 8'ers, and one of the climbed on the others' shoulders, and at the end, he fell of! Hahahaha, I laughed so much, just because it looked so funny! Anyways, enough for todayy (a) I'm gonna do some exercising now, because I want to look/be fit when I go to the Netherlands in one month! 
-lot's of love, Alexandra



Flowered Blouse - Forever 21
High-Waisted Shorts - Pimkie
Blazer -Zara
Scarf - Boutique at Madinat Souk, Dubai

Oh and yes, there's my first outfit post! (: I hope you guys like it, since this is kind off the first impression! Anyways, it has been a pretty boring day. My mom woke me and my father up at 5.30, because in Holland the time has changed since it became spring, so typically for her, the time on her phone also changed and so she took about one hour from my sleep, because I couldn't sleep anymore after all this. -.- So yeah, blaaah, I went to school, had some boring subjects, and also two of my best friends got into a huge fight last weekend about some stupid reason, which really screwed up my day, since they think I'm choosing sides.The worst thing is, the one who is the saddest, is leaving in less than two months to Jakarta, and I want those last months to be amazing for her, but she's saying she does't want to be friends with us, because our 'group' is full of 'fake' people. I hope everything is gonna be alright soon <3.
At the moment I'm laying down on my bed, while writing this and learning Spanish. Tomorrow I'm going to the mall with my mom after school to buy a present for my dad's birthday, which is in three days, and tuesday 'm going to the corniche with my friend who lives pretty close to me, and she's gonna introduce me to some people who live in this place too, I'm really excited about that! :D  Anyhow, what are/were you guys up to this week(end)? xoxo little yellow riding hood.



I just changed the name of my blog into 'The Sassy Chick'. I wanted the title of my blog to be something people would remember and talk about, a statement. And my old name wasn't that at all. Sweet little angles... It sounds cute, but so... so random. I didn't take the time to thing about a proper name and just made something up, but today I did, so people,
Meet 'The Sassy Chick', that's me!

Let me give you guys the explanation of the title.
Well, first I wanted to do something in French, and after I went through the dictionary the word 'impertinent' catched my eye. I wanted to know what it means in English, so I looked it up and learned it means 'sassy', now, sassy has three meanings;

1. Rude and disrespectful; impudent.
2. Lively and spirited; jaunty.
3. Stylish; chic: a sassy little hat.

To be honest, I think I'm all of that. 
1. Okay, it's not like I'm swearing and beating up people, talking about being rude and disrespectful, but... let's just say I'm pretty rude, always being in arguments with older people, (teachers, parents, etc.).
2. I'm also very very lively and spirited, I love living the good life! <3 I love trying new things out, having fun, and doing whatever I want, although I can't always say I'm allowed to do that.
3. I also believe I'm stylish, that's why I started a fashionblog (no shit.) I want to show people how I think about fashion and how it affects my life.

So here's the new start, and I hope you guys enjoy it! <3



Hi girlss, I know I haven't posted any looks yet, but that will come soon, I'm really really not in the mood now to make a picture of me wearing my favourite jeans and a basic white shirt since it's almost 12, I look terrible and tired, I AM tired and yeah, I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING.

Anyways, there ARE some things I feel like posting, and that's my top 3 wishlist at the moment. I'm going to The Netherlands in less than a month, -or just a bit more, who actually cares?- and I hope I'm gonna buy everything I need, I want to go back to Dubai with a suitcase FULL of NEW clothes.

And how am I gonna accomplish that? Well it's simple;
1. I'm going to Rotterdam
2. I'm going to the Primark and buy everything there
3. Then I'm going to the centre of Rotterdam and go to all the vintage stores at Meent. (This place with all the vintage stores, -no shit, sherlock -.-)

Oh-oh God, I'm so excited about all this, even in maths I was like bouncing because I just can't wait and GO SHOP, and see my friends, and GO SHOP! Hahaha, I'm hyper yeah? For someone who had class all day (8AM-6PM).

Anyways, I think it's time for my top 3! -Even though it's not really a TOP THREE, since it's not in the good order; it's just a small list of  things I want really badly at the moment, -probably this will change next week again)

1. THE Zara Colourblocking Pants.
Well, apparently you know them already, and yeah, I know, two months ago, -or less, or more, again; WHO CARES?- I might have thought they're so ugly, and... puke. But now!? I fell in love with them, now I saw how you can combine them in such a good way, and make your outfit jump out of the crowd! Butttt, to be honest, I wouldn't combine it with more colourful colours (that sounds stupid, I know) because you'll look like a teletubbie...
I love this combination of the orange pants with a grey shirt and leather jacket anyways <3
 Andd, this REALLY similar outfit with the pink pants!

I like them both really much, and I still have NO clue which one to choose. I'm planning to buy a pink clutch and maybe a pair of pink heels for with my blue jumpsuit (which I'm gonna post a picture of this weekend, hopefully), so I don't think it's a good idea to also buy the pink pants. HELP ME ANYWAYS!

Time for number two!

2. Forever 21 High Seas Woven Short
Oh Gooood, I know it's such a fail I still don't have one of these, but I've been looking for them everywhere, and I never found the right ones! Since my friend posted a picture of herself with those ultrasexy shorts, I cannot stop thinking about them! (jk jk, I just adore themm :) They look really... weird on the picture, but they're not ;) They're perfectt <3

3. Forever 21 Fab Jacquard Knit Skirt
Yes, again Forever 21, but I just looooove the shop! It's amazing, they have A LOT of perfect and nice clothes for everyone in the whole wide world! And it's cheap. Anyways, here's the red skirt, it's only about 12 euro's/12.50 dollars/60 dhs. that's what I mean ;) It looks like this expensive lace material thing, but actually it's cotton and something. (I really don't know why I'm telling this, haha). Ima buy them really soon!
Woow, this is kind of a really long post, but at least you have something to read now :)
I'm gonna watch this Dutch soap now and sleep.
Good night & Sweet Fashionable Dreams <3



Since colorblocking is a trend this spring/summer, I thought it was a good idea to fill my closet with some more 'colorful' clothes. I started with a royal jumpsuit from Forever 21, a shop which isn't available in The Netherlands yet, but in Dubai it's full of those shops! Unfortunately, I just realised the jumpsuit I bought is cheaper in other countries; I paid around 17 pound, while in the UK you pay only 10. -.- Anyways, it's no big deal, because I'm SO happy with it! I should buy some more accesoires & shoes in those neon colors, like some big orange bangles and pink heels. <3

De meesten van jullie weten natuurlijk al dat 'Colorblocking' een huge trend is deze zomer. Ik dacht dat het wel een goed idee was om m'n kast beginnen te vullen met meer kleurrijke kleren. Ik begon met een royal jumpsuit van Forever 21, een winkel die jullie in Nederland helaas niet hebben, maar hier in Dubai wel! Helaas realiseer ik me net dat m'n jumpsuit in andere landen goedkoper is; ik heb hier ongeveer 20 euro betaald, terwijl je hem in Engeland voor ongeveer 12 euro hebt. -.- Maar goed, het maakt niet uit, ik ben al lang blij dat ik hem eindelijk heb! Ik moet wel nog wat meer accessoires en schoenen in deze felle kleuren aanschaffen, zoals grote oranje armbanden en roze hakken. <3